SPM builds custom solutions for Financial Services Companies

SPM has built custom platforms and workflow automation for some of the leading financial services companies. Our agile development methodology ensures our clients know the status of their project at any moment. Ask about our fixed cost pricing so you know the total cost of a project before we begin.

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Platform development

SPM Services takes existing software products and turns them into revenue generating platforms. Our experience in the mortgage and money management / financial advisor space ensures we hit the ground running.

Workflow Automation

We design custom solutions taking your ideas and making them reality. After a few visioning sessions, we jointly scope and price the project. We have deep experience in automating complex workflow that often brings together forms, PDF generation, statement production, complex financial modeling and more.

Financial Model Deconstruction and Rebuild

Our clients come to us with excel models that could make Bill Gates blush for their usage of excel. In most cases, Excel is breaking and the model needs to be moved to a web application. Our team of experienced business analysts and software developers understand how to break down the models and redesign a tight cohesive web application that is better, faster and more reliable.

Build anything

Simply share your vision and then let’s discuss how to get it done!

Complex Integration

Need help integrating systems in a high availability environment? Share your specification and let’s get to work.

Mobile Apps

Want to move an existing app to a mobile app? We can often build the first version in 8 weeks or less.

Platform as a Service

Have you built an application that others could benefit from? Let us help you turn it into a Portal or Platform.

24X7 Support

Do you have an application that needs support 24X7? Let us build a fully redundant and high scalable architecture to meet your objectives.

Migrate to the Cloud

Are the costs of hosting a server in your own closet getting out of control. Allow us to work with your team to move the application to the cloud.

Break it down and build it up!

From complex models built in excel to billing and invoices done through an archaic Visual Basic or MS Access architecture, SPM Services takes your current unstable and unscalable solution and rebuilds it for the internet and cloud, resulting in:

  • Increased uptime
  • Massive scalability
  • Improved Workflow
  • Knowledge sharing

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SPM Services is a complete solution provider with strong financial industry domain experience. We build and support mission critical applications and platforms for our portfolio of Financial Services clients.