I am a startup and I want to

Build a web based business

Using an agile development process, we build electronic businesses from end to end.

Build a Platform as a Service(PaaS)

Allow us to turn your idea into a revenue. We build platforms that are purpose built as a subscription model.

Set up a Call or Support Center

Do you need live agents, chat support or administrative support? We have a cost effective approach to supporting any manpower needs.

Build a Mobile App

Does your business include a mobile app? We specialize in IoS and Android compatible applications that integrate with complex back-end system.

Financial Planning and Modelling

Need help in determining how much it will cost to launch a new business. Let our start up specialists help you estimate everything from systems, to call center to marketing.

Support an Existing Application

Do you need your existing applications to achieve 99.999% uptime? Do you need to lower your cost of maintenance and support? Allow our support team to take over maintenance and enhancements to your existing applications.